That is until I realized that there were way more people around me that put the amount of time I played games to shame.

I got my first game system when I was about 4-5, it was a cousin’s atari 2600. I still remember how much I played that thing when I was that age, though all I remember…

I can officially call myself a Trekkie, now. Can’t get enough of this show.  

I can officially call myself a Trekkie, now. Can’t get enough of this show.  

Deloused in the Comatorium by The Mars Volta

In their debut album release, The Mars Volta, which consists of Omar Rodriguez and Cedric Bixler, formerly of the incredible post-hardcore band At the Drive In, are trying something new here. It’s really not like ATDI’s previous releases, actually it’s nothing like ATDI’s previous releases. It’s a very weird, amazing, justifying, breath-taking record. 

It starts out slow… The first track "Son et Lumiere" is a slow build up of arpeggios and reverbed guitars. You hear a faint whirling in the background. Then the ghostly voice of Cedric sneaks in to let you know shit’s about to get real. REALLY REAL! Haunting lyrics like,

"Gestating with all the other rats, Nurse said that my skin will need a graft, I am of pockmarked shapes, The vermin you need to loathe" 


Then bam! Right into "Inertiatic ESP" without a pause.

The song flails around dramatically. It’s almost arrogant in it’s time signatures. It tells all other music to fuck off. It transcends time and space so much then it whips you back. Cedric is whining and singing. His voice so sassy. It brings chills up my back.

Then a little pause.

"Roulette Dares" starts with a slow pounding rhythm that just makes ya wanna clap all up in this bitch. THEN WHAMABAM BILLY SON OF A BITCH the song is all like AWWWW YEAAHHHHH! Again the rhythms are off time and kickass. “Exoskeletal junction at the railroad delayed!!!! AHHHHEEAHHHHHH” Cedric screams for the chorus. Hitting that falsetto like nothing. Then it goes into a groove where you think, “Man, where the fuck are they going with this?” HOLD ON A SECOND BITCH! They bringing it back, they bringing it back. He says something about a ruse of metacarpi. AND  ”to all that enter here!!!!” It’s insane. Then it trails off again like a young kid in a class room staring out of a window. THEN THEY FUCKING BRING IT BACK AGAIN!!!! “ISSSSIDDDDEEE INSSSIIDDDEEE” Back to that amazing chorus… then trails off again… like your getting beat the fuck up then you get beat so hard, only to fall on the ground in a daze. THIS IS WHAT THE END OF THE SONG IS LIKE…Just some fantastical guitar and Cedric moaning… and some faint drumming… and a haunting wind in the background. MWAH! I LOVE IT!

Then it gives you a minute to recooperate from the last 12 minutes of awesomeness…

"Tira Me a las Arañas" begins slow. A nice guitar feels like your just gonna take it easy this round and you’d be right, It’s only like a minute song. The guitar feels like it’s vaguely taunting you as some weird WOMPA sound is playing in the background. 

Then get ready bitch… you better get ready…

"Drunkenship of Lanterns" starts with some bongos and shit with Omar fucking with the guitar. Cedric comes in singing and harmonizing… “IS ANYBODY THERE” He shouts. Then a guitar riff all like BOMMM BOMM BYOWWWW! Then back into the bongos… He sings quitely.. then… “IS ANYBODY THERE!!!” BOMMM BOIMMM BYOOWW!!! Then “NOBODY IS HEARD” He wails… THen into the sickest most tightest jam this side of the mississippi starts.. .Honestly one of my favorite Volta jams here. It kind of repeats the verses again and kinda does a round about. Still awesome though.


"Awesome." I say, with a grin. 

Then it kind of goes off of this tangent and fucks off for a bit. THEN NOPE! You thought this shit was over? ONE MORE TIGHT FUCKING JAM! BOOPP BOPPP BAM BOPP BOPP BAM! “Carpel jets, hit the ground,” Cedric lets us know. Then a sick guitar solo jam. “COUNTING THE TOLL, COUNTING THE TOLL!” 

Then it breaks down into this weird ass dance beat with what sounds like ghosts being tortured in the background.

"Eriatarka" starts of with some drum rolls and guitar to go with the drum roll. Then it kind of gives up then switches to this drum bass thing with Cedric singing and Omar having a seizure on guitar in the background. UHHH OHHH HERE IT COMESSSSS!!!! 

"Trackmarked amoeba witchcraft, Cartwheel of scratches" Cedric starts screaming in the crazy ass chorus thing.

"Awesome." I say again with a grin. Then it kind of gives up again… Then back into the verse drum bass thing with Cedric singing and Omar having a seizure on guitar in the background. It’s a really nice and gentle song until out of fucking no where. They kick some ass on this tight ass jam thing back into the chorus. Until it goes into this sweet after part where it’s just so awesome. Nice little harmony of what sounds like two Cedric’s singing. Then it turns into one Cedric. Then it twinkles off for a moment and drum rolls back into another chorus.

"cartwheel of scratches, dress the tape worm as pets" Cedric wails.

"What the fuck?" I say, trying to imagine it.

Then as soon as I get an image the song cuts off into some weird bell sounding thing that makes me feel like something wants me dead. Then something that sounds like a VCR, then some scary weird thing I cannot describe right into…

"Cicatriz ESP" starts with a nice little bass boogie thing that is sorta like BUM DEE BUMM BUMM DEE… It’s nice. It’s really nice. Catchy as fuck. “Blackened ice!!! When they drag the lake there’s nothing left at ALLLLLLLLllllllaaallleellllll!” The song turns off almost… just goes blank… then oh no!!! “IVVVVEEE DEEEFFFECCCTEEEDDDD!” He yelled with some sweet off time music to go with it. It’s truely bringing a tear to my eye… MWAH! I LOVE IT! Back into another BUM DEE BUMM BUMM DEE Verse… It’s nice. It’s REAALLLLYY NICCCEE!!! Makes me wanna fucking dance. “When they drag the lake there’s nothing left at ALLLllaalleell” Then without a pause this time- “IVVVEEE DEEEFECCCTEEDDD!” Right into a sick nasty jam that lasts about 6 or 7 minutes. 

I’m digging it hardcore… Just jammming. Just jamming.. Then out of fucking nowhere it brings it all back to it’s roots. The first little UM DEE BUMM BUMM DEE jam. With some new more harmonized vocals. Then one last crazy ass chorus. “IVVVEEE DEFFFECCCTTEDD!” but with what sounds like schizophrenic voices in the background… right into this robot sounding electronic noise… that goes into…

"This Apparatus Must Be Unearthed" Which starts out good, then I really don’t like the chorus beginning part which consists of Cedric going like “IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG..” Then it goes into this sick nasty bam dam jam rific thing then back into the weird chorus. Blah.. They could’ve really left the chorus out, in my opinion. It kind of does that… then the ending, dude. The ending is fucking awesome. It’s like someone is getting beat in a cave with drums and cymbals. 

"Televators" starts out slow and stays slow. It’s really boring. Skip at all costs.

Then the beautiful finale of "Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt" which starts with a sweet ass jam. I really love this song… It’s so cool. It’s so very cool. The chorus is so wicked. “And when you find the fringe! The one last hit that spent! You’ll find the ossuary spilling by the day!” So good. Doesn’t even have to fucking rhyme.

Then it kind of goes off on a long thing for a bit like Cicatriz ESP does. Then get ready for one of the best chorus parts in any song. It’s all like, “Knife me in -hobbeling! Talking in it’s sleep again” So creepy and awesome. Then it just stops and goes off onto this weird organ, wind part. Then into a sick nasty jam for about 4 minutes. 


The ending is so good… It’s like, “Who brought me hereForsaken,depraved and wrought with fear” Then it ends… 

Well that’s my review… Please listen to it… It’s such a great album that deserves at least one listen. 


Haven’t listened to these guys in awhile. Well, here’s one of my favorite live performances of my one of my favorites by these guys. 

Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.
Carl Sagan
Lowell George
This man was the guitarist and singer for one of my favorite bands: Little Feat.
He died way before his time at the age of 34 just as the band was coming into it’s style led by his amazing genius. 

Lowell George

This man was the guitarist and singer for one of my favorite bands: Little Feat.

He died way before his time at the age of 34 just as the band was coming into it’s style led by his amazing genius.